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Read all the latest news around the Flamingo Studio


Sad news!
Due to actor scheduling difficulties and the fact that our crowdfunding campaign has stalled, we are unfortunately forced to postpone our final days of filming until the mid

of May 2024.



cheerful creepiness!

Our two interns wrapped their heads arround and created a wonderful halloween mood clip by the use of blender and unreal. What could be more scary than an invasion of zombie flamingos, huh?



Behind the scenes report coming soon...



Grow Your Vision

This is so thrilling!

We have the great opportunity to do a live filming show event at the open days of "LEDcave, Cologne", one of Germanys largest Virtual production facilities. We will show up possibilities of using virtual production even in indie film productions. For this, we got the well known actor Béla Klentze acting as an astronaut in front of the legendary International Space station ISS.


Also really cool is the fact, that we get full support of, who provided us with real astronaut suits.



Lights, camera, action!  

🎬 Last week we had the pleasure to shoot a thrilling music video with the band HumanKind in Offenbach am Main.  Keep your eyes open for exclusive behind-the-scenes recordings and don't miss the big release! 


Great news:

This years "summer of unreal" will be entitled “EPIC Bootcamp ANIMATION 2023” and Sven Esch will occure again for the mentorship. It runs from July 17 ᠆ August 11, 2023. What a great opportunity to meet other talents from europe. We are really looking forward to this.

Epic Bootcamp Animation 2023
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